The Greater Austin Business Awards, now in its 20th year, celebrates the people and companies that have demonstrated a unique vision, innovation, and best business practices.

The Technology & Innovation award recognizes companies that have developed new and transformative technologies that change the way we do business.

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  • Biomedical Music Solutions

    SoundSteps uses proprietary audio outputs that were composed and recorded by a team of leading musicians assembled by BMS' founder, Hope Young. Hope is a music therapist with a world renown reputation. Since the audio outputs are custom, there is zero risk of triggering a negative autobiographical memory that could harm a user. Each audio output stimulates a precise area of the brain triggering a specific desired response.

  • Digital Turbine

    Digital Turbine's software is directly integrated on 450+ millions of devices globally through partners including Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Samsung, and more. Advertisers receive an “inside advantage” not found in traditional advertising/media solutions. The platform dynamically recommends apps and content directly on smart devices, removing friction from the app discovery process, improving the user experience, and creating new revenue streams for operators and app advertisers.

  • Dosh

    Dosh uses transactional and behavioral data to provide cash back offers through linked credit or debit cards. Today, more than 10,000 brands — from big retail brands like Dunkin, Sam’s Club and Sephora to local mom-and-pop shops — offer cash back deals on the Dosh platform, as an alternative use of their marketing spend and to incentivize consumers to shop in-store or online. And the data proves it works: 87% of consumers are more likely to shop somewhere that rewards them.

  • Hyliion

    Hyliion is a market-ready, comprehensive electrified powertrain solutions provider for commercial fleets, truck drivers and consumer brands. Combining best-in-class electrified powertrain technology with advanced software capabilities and leveraging existing natural gas infrastructure, Hyliion eliminates the barriers to reducing both total cost of ownership and emissions for fleets without sacrificing performance. Its products are purpose-built and practically designed to pave a path forward for the commercial transportation industry to achieve net-negative carbon emissions in the global effort to fight climate change.

  • Luminex Corporation

    SARS-CoV-2 testing products are transformative because of the flexibility they offer during a completely unprecedented time of need. The diagnostic tests allow clinicians to get answers quickly, which supports their ability to make important life-or-death decisions when triaging or treating patients, assists in managing employee testing to ensure the health and safety of those on the frontlines, and saves valuable PPE. The technology also enables the development of vaccines and therapeutics, and supports all aspects of cellular research, including the study of mechanisms that underlie COVID-19.

  • Mod Tech Labs

    MOD is smarter processing for visual effects. The production tools enable studios to bring beautiful, immersive content to life faster and more affordably than ever before. Visual effects (VFX) in movies costs between 10-25% of a movie budget, averaging $40M for a typical blockbuster. Studios typically use their own infrastructure to run software limiting work capacity to existing machines, and this solution allows studios to maximize the productivity of their staff and take on more projects within the same window. This leads to enhanced revenues and more market share for each studio on the MOD platform.

  • Voltabox of Texas, Inc.

    Voltabox develops and manufactures creative, intelligent, and reliable energy solutions solving the needs of our customers while delivering a positive impact to our society. Voltabox designs and manufactures the large battery systems that allow for the conversion of fossil fuel engines into clean, silent and powerful lithium-ion batteries. Doing this effectively requires the very best engineering skills, which is why they're based in Central Texas, near many great engineering universities and hi-tech industries.


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