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Posted on 09/21/2021 by Shelby Lewandoski

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Coming soon on September 30, celebrate with us the companies that create the most important audiences in Texas and beyond. Our Early Stage finalists are those who are angel-invested, seed-funded, or Series A funded.

Who are these companies and what are they doing to innovate? Meet them below.

  • Allstacks

    With the Allstacks Value Stream Intelligence Platform, technology leaders can finally connect engineering output to business outcomes. Allstacks give context to the siloed data in software delivery tools, so leaders can understand and communicate progress, benchmark engineering performance, and forecast delivery dates.

  • Boomerang’s Foods, Inc.

    Boomerang's Foods is known for their savory, handheld pies are iconic in Australia. Co-founders, Jack and Lance had the vision to bring the concept of these convenient meals to the U.S. and make them with an American twist. Now you can now find Boomerang’s in over 7,000 grocers across the U.S.

  • BOXT

    Female-founded and venture-backed, BOXT solves the problem of opening a bottle for just one glass. With the equivalent of four bottles in each BOXT, our fine wine on tap stays fresh for 6 weeks and we deliver it to your door, every month, direct from our winery in Napa.

  • Cartograph

    Cartograph is an Amazon-focused agency specializing in the natural CPG space. They offer fully outsourced management of the Amazon channel for their clients - including packaging, logistics, pricing and margin management, content, advertising, and everything else in between.

  • CherryCircle Software, Inc.

    CherryCircle is re-defining how pharma and biotech companies learn how to manufacture new therapies and vaccines and get them to patients as fast as possible. Companies large and small are deploying it's novel SaaS platform to prepare for a new paradigm of faster development and deployment of critical drug products.

  • Cyvatar

    Cyvatar CSaaS delivers successful outcomes using expert practitioners, market-leading technologies, and proven best practices that guarantee business results. Solution installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, and maintenance are bundled into a fixed monthly subscription that members can cancel anytime.

  • Everyware

    Everyware is a leading contactless payment and customer engagement solutions company. Everyware offers simple billing solutions for organizations in a wide variety of industries helping companies collect payments and connect with customers, especially through text messaging, the ultimate contactless technology.

  • Fieldcraft

    Fieldcraft is the first ingredient marketplace for food and agriculture. Buyers range from emerging brands to global food and beverage companies, while suppliers include growers to manufacturers. Fieldcraft streamlines marketing and sourcing from farm to foodtech, locally and globally.

  • First Dollar

    First Dollar is the modern consumer-directed benefits platform. By using modern technology and focusing on member education, we enable health plans, TPAs, and employers to deliver integrated benefits that consumers will actually use.


    Handsome is a career and education app where professionals in the $190B beauty and barber industries come to find community, career advice, and education.

  • Mosie Baby

    Mosie Baby are the makers of the Mosie Kit, the first home insemination product clinically proven as effective as IUI and available over the counter without a prescription.

  • RackN

    RackN infrastructure automation software standardizes the full lifecycle management of both physical and virtual systems, enabling enterprises to mitigate risk and innovate faster. Their unique infrastructure pipelines create consistent, automated workflow between compute, storage, networking, security and access control.

  • Serenity Kids

    Serenity Kids offers an innovative update on baby and toddler food with their various lines including ethically sourced meat baby food, organic savory veggie baby food, toddler purees with bone broth, grain free puffs, and the newest A2 whole milk toddler formula. This Austin-based, family-owned brand is committed to providing premium low sugar, nutrient-dense foods for little ones that contain the most nutrition per bite made only of the highest nutritional, ethical, and taste standards.

  • Sips by

    At Sips by, they make discovering great tea fun, personalized, and affordable, delighting tea drinkers through engaging content, a personalized tea subscription service, and a multi-brand e-commerce experience with personalized shopping. They are a female-founded and led startup recently named #79 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the US.

  • Spyderbat, Inc.

    Spyderbat, Inc. introduces Attack Tracing and Intercept (ATI) to close the manual investigation gap between detection and response. ATI instantly presents all causally connected activity to security analysts with a fast, accurate, and complete attack picture to crush alert triage and investigations.

  • Stoplight

    Stoplight is a global application programming interface (API) technology company offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and open-source tools to design quality APIs and build scalable API programs. Stoplight’s collaborative, cloud tools are built with a purpose for a design-first approach, with reusable components to deliver quicker time to market and more business value.

  • Swivel

    Swivel Design Experience Platform enables commercial property owners to efficiently market, lease, and digitally build out tenant workspaces prior to construction through its sophisticated immersive visualization technology. Swivel was founded in 2017 and is backed by Breyer Capital, JLL Spark, and Floodgate.

  • TaxTaker

    TaxTaker helps companies get money. With a smarter way to apply and secure government tax credits, TaxTaker's tech & services platform delivers innovative Startups and SMBs an average of over $55,000 annually to put towards extending their runway and to whatever they love best.

  • UnaliWear

    UnaliWear's voice-first Kanega Watch provides discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and 24x7 concierge medical alarm operator support, plus AI that learns the wearer's lifestyle. No smartphone required, no need to remove the watch to charge. The Kanega Watch is the only automatic fall detection on the wrist connected to medical alarm call centers.

  • Yonder

    Yonder is an A.I. software company that discovers the hidden groups that control and amplify online narratives, so companies can navigate an unpredictable, ever-evolving internet with confidence. Their mission is to create a more authentic internet, where everyone can experience a true sense of belonging.

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