Meet our "bootstrapped" A-LIST finalists

Posted on 09/24/2021 by Shelby Lewandoski

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Get excited to learn about the ways companies are innovating at the Austin A-LIST, which is on September 30. We are excited to introduce to you our "bootstrapped" A-LIST finalists. These companies were built from the ground up from only personal savings, luck, and cash from beginning sales. These businesses have done it all on their own without any outside funding.

What do these companies do? Meet them below.

  • AfterShokz

    AfterShokz audio products are where sound and safety meet. Patented bone conduction technology and a proprietary open-ear design keep wearers connected to their surroundings and their audio without skipping a beat. AfterShokz inspires wearers to #BeOpen to every adventure. No wires no limits.

  • Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture

    Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture solves the need for comfort. It starts with employing men and women from tough places - the transitional center. Teaching them core concepts to manufacturing and retail. They employ them and help them on their journey to pursuing their dreams and independence. The furniture is built and designed in East Austin and is the fastest delivered custom upholstery in Texas and most of the US.

  • Clear Guidance Partners

    CGP provides technology support for law firms, engineering & manufacturing companies, especially ones with high security and heavy compliance needs. CGP also offers back-office administration for law firms, including HR, billing, accounting, and strategy.

  • Growth Acceleration Partners

    GAP is a strategic technology solutions partner. They provide exceptional experience in Digital Transformation and Delivery of Software and Data solutions via their consulting and engineering teams. They partner long-term with clients to transform objectives into solutions that drive business outcomes.

  • re:3D Inc.

    re:3D® Inc. is committed to decimating the cost & scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world’s first affordable, human-scale 3D printer, re:3D is now enabling 3D printing directly from virgin and/or recycled plastic filament, pellets and flake in 50+ countries.

  • RightWorks Staffing

    RightWorks Staffing is a full services staffing firm committed to providing creative and innovative talent solutions to companies of all sizes. We are driven by our unwavering values of compassion, sympathy, empathy, kindness, and excellence.

  • Urban Artist Alliance

    The Urban Artist Alliance has broken barriers between urban artist and music industry education to successfully merge the two and consistently create economic growth. This will impact Austin's music community by investing back into the arts with the same authentic depth and growth that has yet to be unlocked by many underserved creatives.

  • Voltek Systems Inc.

    Voltek Systems Inc. Systems Inc. manufacturers smart building DC power delivery systems that can power many of today's electronics including computers, LED lighting, electronic shades, building automation systems, and other DC-powered low voltage devices. Many of today’s devices no longer require AC power but we still inefficiently wire buildings like its 1889. Voltek is the sustainable way to power tomorrow's future.

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