In September of 2021, we recognized some of Austin's most innovative companies. At this event, LeanDNA was recognized as an award recipient in our later stage category. Our later stage companies are Series B and Series C+ funded.

Who is LeanDNA?

LeanDNA’s factory-first approach enables manufacturers to optimize inventory, avoid shortages and improve on-time delivery. Leveraging predictive analytics and prescriptive AI to power actionable, automated recommendations, the LeanDNA platform promotes real-time collaboration and standardization across systems, suppliers, and sites, unlocking working capital for the business.

Meet CEO Richard Lebovitz

Learn why the company chose Austin, and what winning A-LIST means to Richard.

  • Want to learn more about LeanDNA?

    LeanDNA launched in 2014 with the goal of bridging the gap between more complex supply chains and their outdated, labor-intensive methods for reporting, analytics, and lean project management. Learn more about what motivates them, and how they do what they do.

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