Our premier economic forecast event on November 18th provided an analysis and predictions for economic recovery with a special report on how industries are pressing the re-start button. We heard from key business sectors that are laying the groundwork for success.

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  • Economic Forecast

    Sarah House
    Senior Economist & Director, Wells Fargo Securities

    After a historic collapse in activity, the economy’s recovery from the coronavirus shock is well underway. However, the second half of the recovery will be more arduous and depend heavily on the next steps from fiscal and monetary policymakers, as well as the virus itself. Wells Fargo Senior Economist Sarah House provided the outlook for the economy amid a rapid shift in the composition of jobs, spending and investment, including a discussion of future policy support, as well as how the Austin economy is positioned to grow in the year ahead.

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  • Asset Investing & Asset Allocation

    Erin Browne
    Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, PIMCO

    While the current environment can be unsettling for investors, one silver lining is that volatility and uncertainty may lead to attractive investment opportunities. Erin Browne, PIMCO managing director and portfolio manager, discussed potential opportunities across asset classes, how active management can help determine the winners and losers created by the recovery, and why portfolios that are thoughtfully constructed, well-diversified, and sufficiently nimble will likely be in the best position to navigate the road ahead.

  • How Amazon navigates through COVID

    Stephen Bucken
    Head of Non-Acute Healthcare, Amazon Business

    As we've spent more time in our homes, Amazon has become more essential than ever. The need for families to get supplies safely and effectively quickly became critical, and Amazon delivered. Stephen Bucken, Amazon Business head of non-acute healthcare also highlighted how Amazon quickly innovated to create the COVID-19 supply store, designated for frontline healthcare and government agencies, which leveraged Amazon's B2B segments to provide 100 million units of PPE to over 46,000 frontline workers.







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