Diversity in funding: Opportunities for emerging companies

Webinar recap

Posted on 06/11/2020 by Austin Chamber

On Wednesday, June 10th, we were joined by key leaders from the Toronto Stock Exchange, S3 Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank to discuss the investment and funding opportunity trends that they are seeing.

Webinar recording

These experts weighed in on the opportunities they have seen in the past weeks and months, as the markets are beginning to show movement after the initial shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delilah Panio of Toronto Stock Exchange shared that certain sectors are doing very well, and there seems to currently be a sense of urgency in financing. Robert Sureck of Silicon Valley Bank also noticed that certain sectors are actually booming. From a banking perspective, they had to initially pivot focus on SBA loans and loan deferral programs in the wake of the health crisis. However, in the past couple months, they have seen a tremendous rebound in funding growth. From the venture capital side, Eric Engineer of S3 Ventures noticed that the first few weeks of the shut down were consumed by understanding PPP and financial assistance options. Many of the companies in their portfolio were severely affected; however, they quickly saw that some companies and trends were actually accelerated by the current conditions.

Paul O'Brien of MediaTech Ventures moderated the discussion and fielded audience questions, such as "What are the various forms of capital that are available, beyond the traditional sources?"


This webinar was presented in partnership with Toronto Stock Exchange

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