COVID-19: Online Educational Toolbox

Take a look at what some companies are doing to contribute to the growing world of online learning!

Posted on 03/18/2020 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

  • Apple: Teach and learn. From any distance.

    Resources to help schools, teachers, and parents create engaging learning experiences at home.

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  • Microsoft Texas K-12 Resources

    Chamber member, Microsoft, offers its Microsoft Office 365 Suite, including HD video conferencing , free of charge for schools. The Microsoft Texas K-12 Team is compiling additional resources here and offering webinars to help educators deploy virtual meeting and online learning tools. Additional webinars are accessible here.

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  • Distance learning tools from Google

    Chamber member, Google, is providing distance learning solutions, trainingand resourcesto help schools and students stay connected during closures. Schools now have free access to advanced features in Hangouts Meet, and to resources using G Suite for distance learning on Google’s Teacher Center.

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  • KLRU offering tools to support online learning

    Chamber member, and Austin PBS affiliate, (KLRU), is offering free resources to students, parents and teachers to support online learning. These consist of two key resources: PBS LearningMedia, a PK-12 archive designed for teacher use, and PBS Parents, geared more for ages 2-8.

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  • IBM brings AI & other tools to online learning

    Chamber member, IBMoffers free online resources for students and educators to support virtual learning--These include IBM AI Education an immersive, interactive professional learning suite of live and on demand online experiences, Open P-TECH with engaging videos/game-based assessments where students can earn industry-recognized digital badges and their teachers can gain access to special resource, and IBM Skills for Students, Parents, and Teachers offering free programs and courses at all levels. Learnings are offered in Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI, Design Thinking, Internet of Things, and Professional Skills.

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  • Kahn Academy offers free livestreams and online tools

    Kahn Academy hosts free daily livestreams on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for students, parents and teachers navigating school closures. The live streams occur daily (weekdays) 9:00 AM PST/12 EST. Expansion of services on Khan Academy is being supported by AT&T and Google.

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  • Zoom aims to keep students and teachers connected

    Zoom is also offering free video conferencing tools help K12 educators and students stay connected during school closures. Students and teachers are able to set up an account and access additional information here.

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  • YouTube launches Learn@Home

    YouTube has launched a new Learn@Home resource that highlights educational YouTube channels students can watch at home. Learning channels are organized for families with kids 13 and older, for families with kids five and older, and for families with preschoolers.

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