Austin stands tall as a beacon of innovation, and CornerMarket is proud to further that legacy with our pioneering approach to digital commerce. Born from our unwavering mission to champion small businesses and energize local economies, we have crafted and refined a groundbreaking Web3 app, coupled with a dynamic Agent Program. We're convinced that this combination will herald a paradigm shift in the realm of digital commerce for small enterprises. We’re excited to unveil the CornerMarket App, perfected over 11 months, during Permissionless 2023, at our home base of Austin, TX.

The CornerMarket Advantage

Slashed Transaction Costs
For small businesses, every dime in digital payment fees matters. In today's landscape where small businesses routinely part with 2.8% to 3.5% in transaction fees, it's disheartening to see them paying more in fees than they pocket in profit. CornerMarket is here to change that. Our platform allows merchants to process digital payments at remarkably reduced rates - as low as 0%. This isn't just a reduction; it's a revolution.

Amplify Your Business with Dual Support
Beyond just an app and our minimal transaction fees, merchants on CornerMarket are fortified with the combined strength of our dedicated team and a personalized local agent. Both are energized to help the small business bring more customers through their front door. It is a personal touch no other company can offer.

But How?
Harnessing the efficiency and communal spirit of Web3, combined with our next-level loyalty and rewards system, we empower merchants to embrace digital payments without eroding their profit margins and incentivize agents to be their cheerleaders.

Want to Learn More?

To the collective of Austin's small business owners: Here’s your chance to retain more of your hard-earned revenue, bolstering both your pockets and the community. CornerMarket's platform delivers efficiency, savings, and expansion. In the evolving digital age, don’t merely adjust; flourish!

If our vision aligns with your business goals, we urge you to book a consultation with us or enroll in our comprehensive merchant training sessions. Delve into the expansive realm of digital commerce and witness first-hand how CornerMarket can turbocharge your growth.

Thank you Austin for welcoming us with such open arms, we look forward to doing you proud.

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