Why are so many companies ditching California for Texas? This Austin Business Journal article breaks down the cost differences between the two states as well as the differences between Silicon Valley and Silicon Hills.

When asked about managing Austin's longterm growth, Austin Chamber President and CEO Laura Huffman shared:

“The question is, will we grow with grace? It takes all hands on deck to make sure that you do that appropriately, and that you protect those things that are most important to those of us that are living here. The fact that people are still drawing a line from where they are today to Austin tells you that we get it right a lot of the time.”

Whether you moved here last week – from California or elsewhere – or if you're a born and raised Austinite unicorn, you are part of Austin's amazing workforce. In this KVUE Boomtown 2040 interview, Laura shared more about what makes Austin special – and what we can expect in terms of job growth in 2021 and beyond.

“First and foremost, we've got a great homegrown workforce in Austin, and the number one thing that companies are looking for when they're making decisions about where to relocate or expand is making sure that the local workforce is there and available...and we've got it!”

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