Buyers Barricades, the premier provider of traffic control equipment for the heavy highway, construction, event, and municipal industries, is thrilled to announce its expansion into the vibrant Austin market. Set to open its doors in late summer of 2023, Buyers Barricades is poised to solidify its position as the leading name in the traffic control industry across the state of Texas.

"We are excited to unveil the opening of our new branch in Austin," commented Matt Sauer, Vice President of Operations for Buyers Barricades. "The opportunity to share our industry expertise, cultivate relationships with new customers, and engage with influential state leaders in Austin and its surrounding areas is the logical next step towards elevating our presence in the traffic control industry."

With well-established offices in the DFW Area, Houston, and San Antonio, the strategic opening of a location in Austin proper will enable Buyers Barricades to enhance its service efficiency throughout the entire state. Customers can expect professional, same-day service from a company that understands the demands of a fast-paced city experiencing unprecedented growth.

Additionally, Buyers Barricades is excited to bring forth a new opportunity for businesses in the Austin area to acquire their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through its sister company, Buyers Safety. By seamlessly integrating Buyers Safety into its operations, Buyers Barricades aims to become the go-to, turn-key safety provider for commercial and heavy highway projects. Blake Tuggle, CEO for Buyers Barricades and Buyers Safety, expressed his enthusiasm for the move, stating, "Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and now, we are thrilled to expand our offerings like never before. Our PPE company, Buyers Safety, offers contractors the familiar brands they trust, at prices that will excite them, all under the umbrella of a reputable name they have come to rely on. In a fast-paced city like Austin, where time is of the essence, having all your safety needs met by a single brand will alleviate numerous pain points for our valued customer base."

Businesses in the Austin area can now contact the Austin office for their needs locally, ensuring 24/7 availability to meet the traffic control needs of its esteemed clientele.

About Buyers Barricades:

Buyers Barricades is a leading provider of traffic control equipment for heavy highway, construction, event, and municipal industries. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to exceptional service, Buyers Barricades offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including flagging, lane closures, road closures, detour, and highway closure work. With offices established in every major metropolitan area of Texas, Buyers Barricades is dedicated to supporting the traffic control needs of its customers while upholding the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

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