Austin has been named the best place to start a business by consumer finance startup Pheabs.

They did an analysis of US Census Data to determine the 15 best places to start a business. They looked at the corporate tax rate, unemployment, office rental prices, media income, self-employment rate, and a few other data points to determine their list. Pheabs compiled the list of 15 cities which are ideal for those who are on the search for the ideal launchpad for business.

You can see more about what makes Austin a great place to start a business by visiting the Global Technology and Innovation section of our website.

Here is what Pheabs had to say about Austin taking the number one spot.

"With startups often revolving around creative and innovative ideas, Austin is a place to thrive. Saturated with creatives – artists, musicians, actors and more – Austin is certainly a welcome space for imaginative startups targeting the creative world. Austin has been a successful breeding ground for new businesses, in part because locals have been supportive, eager to keep Austin a diverse environment. From the creative scene to housing businesses like Google, Indeed and Dell, there is room for all kinds of businesses. And, with a high proportion of self-employment in Austin, it’s possible to be your own boss!"

Pheabs Top 5 Places to Start a Business
1. Austin, Tx
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Seattle, WA
4. Salt Lake City, UT
5. Tampa, FL

To view the full list and read the analysis, visit Pheabs website.

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