Austin Chamber honors small businesses with outstanding company culture

On August 21st, the Austin Chamber hosted the 19th annual Greater Austin Business Awards. With more than 125 nominees across 12 categories, we wanted to share some of the great things each of our honorees are doing. Today, we are focusing on small business honorees for the Texas Capital Bank Company Culture award.

Posted on 09/17/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

New Knowledge

New Knowledge is a "group of proud nerds" who love working together in an office that is decorated in various themes like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Black Panther. The company celebrates its employees diversity and quirks, and aren't afraid to give feedback and challenge each other. This works because of the level of trust the organization has fostered. New Knowledge has a lot of fun together including a lot of fun Slack channels and special birthday celebrations including birthday comedy roasts, pinatas, favorite food deliveries, and customized gifts. One of the top benefits of working at NK is leadership that trusts employees, and empowered employees who shape its culture.


MyITpros has a great culture that is laid-back and based on open communication and transparency that informs every decision the company makes. The company's core values; do the right thing, learn, adapt, own it and have fun, aren't just words on a website. MyITpros has an employee recognition platform designed around peer recognition of those values. The company values a culture of open and honest communication, and transparency. From monthly staff meetings where leaderships reviews each departments progress on quarterly goals, to monthly presentations of company financials, they take every effort to let staff know what's going on and to take their feedback collaboratively. Actual business decisions affecting the company's bottom line are done for the good of the company's culture, and MyITPros has buy-in across the organization.


The culture at KeyStaff is focused around its core values: fanatically friendly, takes ownership, attitude of gratitude, above board, and competent and professional. KeyStaff lives and breathes these values. The company also offers maternity and paternity benefits, free animal adoption of rescue animals, adoption benefits, wind down on Fridays with 3 pm happy hours, bonuses, and an annual contest where staff can win trips for hitting goals. All of this has helped KeyStaff have a high retention rate, especially when it comes to its sales team. The company also makes it clear on how to advance in the organization through its Career Path document. Once an employee masters their position, they can advance to the next position, which comes with full training so they can be set up for success.


FreightPros' culture evolves alongside its business and is the product of ideas and feedback from our entire team. From new hires to the CEO, all employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo and contribute to both culture and growth. Encouraging feedback and ideas from all team members, the company's processes become more efficient and everyone feels bought-in to any new changes we make. The work hard/play hard environment makes a day at the office both impactful and enjoyable.

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