Austin Chamber honors small businesses for outstanding customer experience

On August 21st, the Austin Chamber hosted the 19th annual Greater Austin Business Awards. With more than 125 nominees across 12 categories, we wanted to share some of the great things each of our honorees are doing. Today, we are focusing on small business honorees for our Austin Regional Clinic customer experience category.

Posted on 09/05/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce


CSDC has built a customer success organization. This gives each customer a dedicated point of contact for any need. The team is responsible for building relationships with customer representatives and managing each account proactively for long-term success, making sure issues customers may experience are avoided or minimized. Customer feedback and communication is managed through recurring account reviews (including business reviews, regular calls, and onsite visits.) CDSC's team organizes regular product and feature demonstrations for customers so that features are understood and utilized as needed. The customer success team is responsible for regularly gathering, analyzing and sharing customer feedback with the rest of the CSDC team to help it continually improve product design, feature development, and overall customer experience.

Galaxy Highland 10

Galaxy Theatres has spent three years developing a Hospitality Handbook. The company uses the example of how you're treated at your grandma's house to perfect the customer experience. The creation of its Hospitality Handbook led Galaxy Theatres to visit each of its locations and interviewing team members and guests to find out how the company can improve the guest experience. It starts with hiring the right people that can execute the type of service to guests the don't just do customer service, but "ooze hospitality." Galaxy calls it "creating the magic." The company also has worked on the vocabulary it uses when training employees on customer experience ensuring all team members mindset puts the guests first.


At Ticketbud, a key part of staff training even in non-customer service roles, is ensuring team members understand their impact on the customer experience. Communication and collaboration between teams on improving the customer experience is encouraged at a weekly meeting that focuses on collective ownership of the customer experience. This helps Ticketbud ensure that everyone has a stake in continually improving customer experience. Ticketbud is known for its excellent customer service as a key differentiator in the ticketing arena. The company continually receives excellent reviews and feedback and customer service staff are available for support 7 days a week, through email, phone and online chat.

Little Kahunas Pet Resort

The family that owns Little Kahunas Pet Resort has decades of customer care experience, and they prioritize hiring customer-facing staff who have a high level of customer care experience. Little Kahunas focuses on transparency and joy. By focusing on transparency, Little Kahunas ensures potential customers have the opportunity see and feel completely comfortable with where their pup will eat, sleep, and play. The pet resort bring joy to its guests by ensuring the atmosphere of the resort is clean, happy, and bright, which makes pet parents happy when they come into the space, and happy to leave their fur-kid with us. Little Kahunas fosters joy in the pups with fun toys and our bacon-scented bubble machine!

Lorenz and Lorenz, LLP

Customer service is the cornerstone of Lorenz and Lorenz. As a personal injury law firm its clients come to the firm injured, upset, and overwhelmed. Lorenz and Lorenz staff is trained to recognize and understand the emotional and physical fragility of its clients and help them accordingly. All team members are taught the importance of empathy and each organizational section of the firm has certain training and protocol centering on client service. Along with empathy, accessibility is key. The firm's intake coordinators are available at all hours. Ted and Lesley Lorenz take great pride in their relationships with clients and in their relationships with Lorenz and Lorenz team members.

US Cryotherapy Austin

Excellence in customer service has been a pillar of US Cryotherapy Austin's business foundation since its opening in December 2017. The company works to educate the people of Austin on how to utilize safe and effective technology and strive for the best treatment outcomes. Staff members goes through several weeks of extensive onsite training including role playing, shadowing, hands on modality treatments and in-depth education on all of our wellness services. The company believes that its staff's unrivaled level of cryotherapy knowledge & expertise along with a friendly & inviting environment embodies the progressive changes in the wellness industry & aligns with Austin's eclectic energy. The company's mission is to change the landscape of pain & inflammation management, and focuses on customer service & expertise.