Austin Chamber honors medium and small sized businesses for employee health & wellness

On August 21st, the Austin Chamber hosted the 19th annual Greater Austin Business Awards. With more than 125 nominees across 12 categories, we wanted to share some of the great things each of our honorees are doing. Today, we are focusing on the medium sized (51-350 employees) and small sized (1-50 employees) business honorees for their employee health and wellness programs.

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

Medium Sized

G&A Partners

G&A Partners greatly values its employees and goes to great lengths to create an engaging work environment that fosters happy, healthy employees. To do this, the company offers a comprehensive, individualized wellness program (EVOLVE) that educates employees about their health and empowers them to reach their own personal wellness goals. G&A Partners also understands that wellness is more than just increasing physical activity and eating more vegetables. Taking a more holistic approach to improving wellness makes the prospect of developing healthy habits attainable without being too difficult, with the goal that each of these small health behavior changes will turn into long-term lifestyle changes. In addition to making this program multi-faceted, educational, and engaging through the program design alone, the company wanted to further increase participation by tying it to employee insurance premiums. Those who take advantage of the wellness program and participate in monthly and other challenges receive wellness points. These points, along with the results of biometric screenings and health assessments, are then used to calculate employees's Individual Health Indicator (IHI) scores, which determine each employee's health insurance premium. Employees with optimal IHI scores have lower premiums, creating a monetary incentive for employees to participate in the program.


Because Higginbotham provides health risk management consulting to its insurance clients, the firm is uniquely aware of the advantages that a wellness program brings to employees, to corporate culture and to a company’s bottom line. Therefore, Higginbotham has built a robust wellness program that reinforces its vision statement to be the best in Texas and beyond. That includes being the best company for employees by helping them be healthy and happy. Higginbotham’s wellness program mission statement was developed by a wellness committee comprised of representative employees: "Cultivating individual growth and cultural change, Higginbotham’s goal is to enhance the quality of life of our employees by actively encouraging self-awareness and promoting an atmosphere of healthy living and learning through the implementation of WELLNESS WITHIN." The wellness program is branded with a logo that appears on all communications. Higginbotham being an insurance firm, employees benefit from an in-house wellness team because the firm offers health risk management consulting to its clients. Therefore, employees have access to the latest programs and trends that aim to motivate change that leads to physical, spiritual, financial and emotional wellbeing.

JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn’s leadership has a long history of supporting the well-being of employees and their families, with a belief that employee well-being is vitally important to the success of the company. “Dunn Well” is its dedicated program to communicate and educate employees on health and wellness services the company offers, along with tools and life practices that will better support a healthy lifestyle in their professional and personal lives. JE Dunn built the program based on the interests and needs of its people and is supported by all levels of the company. The Dunn Well program is intertwined with key cultural aspects of the company. For instance, every JE Dunn office is encouraged to have an on-site fitness center, standing desks for all employees, a designated pumping room for nursing mothers and a kitchen stocked with healthy food and beverage options. Building a company of healthy employees starts with recruiting like-minded individuals. The work hard / play hard mantra allows JE Dunn to recruit high level talent by implementing work / life harmony. Each employee has their own harmony and is encouraged to find the path of work, life, friends, fitness, faith that suits their individual needs. Ultimately, the goal is for its employees to be at the company for their long-term career, and maintaining their health is a key component to maintaining that longevity.


Good health and wellness are an essential part of our lives. Tokyo Electron US Holdings, Inc. believes the healthier we are in mind, body and spirit, the better we are at home and at work. Tokyo Electron has been a steward of living a healthy lifestyle through creating a best in class wellness incentive program, WELLatTEL Healthy Lifestyle Rewards. The wellness incentives are meant to give eligible employees and spouses/domestic partners motivation to reach their health goals and maintain their good health. Tokyo Electron has active Wellness Committees made up of employees at each of its locations to champion its wellness initiatives. Each Wellness Committee creates activities throughout the year to keep employees engaged and serve as ambassadors of corporate wide challenges. Each month they create DYKs (Do You Know) to highlight resources that are available to achieve a healthier mind, body and spirit.

Small Sized


At MyITpros they know that the primary differentiator between its competitors and its business is its people. MyITpros have always stood behind the idea that taking care of its employees is paramount. Happy employees will ensure happy clients. It is this belief that leads its initiatives to create a healthy work force. If its people are encouraged to lead a healthier lifestyle, MyITpros believes it will lead to higher employee retention and ultimately a higher customer satisfaction.

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