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Austin Chamber asks state legislature to avoid missteps of California-style privacy law

Posted By Greater Austin Chamber | Apr 02, 2019
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The Austin Chamber has joined state and regional business organizations across the country, urging state lawmakers to carefully consider privacy laws that will protect consumer privacy and support businesses.
The Austin Chamber will be actively opposing HB 4390 and HB 4518, which will be heard by the House Business and Industry Committee today.
Austin Chamber Vice President of State Advocacy Dana Harris released the following statement regarding the proposed privacy bills: 

"Our member businesses agree that privacy is important. However, privacy laws must strike a balance between protecting consumer data, fostering economic growth and promoting innovation. We trust the Texas Legislature will not make the same mistakes as California."

This statement follows an open letter sent to governors and lawmakers across the country on behalf of state and regional business organizations, opposing the California Consumer Privacy Act, which became law in July 2018. The Austin Chamber signed on to the letter last month. The letter can be read here. 


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