Austin A-List Award Spotlight: Rhythm Superfoods - 2018 Scale Winner

Posted on 04/05/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

Every year, the Austin Chamber and SXSW host the Austin A-List Awards, which celebrates and promotes Austin’s top innovative, homegrown companies and leaders. The event highlights both tech and non-tech companies.

Austin is home to a unique and collaborative business community. We are working to highlighting them in a variety of ways including through a commitment to make A-List an enduring honor by staying in touch with and highlighting our winners throughout the year.

As we approach this year’s Austin A-List Awards on May 23 at ACL Live @ the Moody Theater, we are looking each week at a different 2018 winner.

When selecting winners, our judges evaluate nominees on the following criteria:

Innovation: How novel/innovative is the company’s core idea?
Achievability: How achievable/practical is the idea? Can it be delivered?
Sustainability: Is the company sourcing properly with thoughts on its impact to the environment?
Growth: Will the company scale over time?
Leadership: Does the company have the right leadership to execute?

2018 Scale Winner: Rhythm Superfoods

Since winning in 2018, Rhythm Superfoods, a company that makes nutrient-rich, plant-based snacks, has continued to experience strong growth (+18% versus a year ago) driven by sales of its new organic beet and carrot snacks. The company launched Pickled Beets in January 2019 and over the next few months is launching a new fruit snack platform with Organic Crunchy Mango Bites, Organic Pineapple Chips and Organic Watermelon Slices. Rhythm Superfoods has also embarked on a new strategic platform which it plans to roll out in consumer messaging and new packaging within the next six months. The company is encouraged by the ongoing consumer excitement over its existing and new products and remains a proud member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

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