Aetna Value Plans provide members immediate ‘value’ from their benefits by offering copay-only coverage for popular routine care such as Primary Care visits, urgent care and generic prescriptions.

While the market continues to experience high inflation rates and labor shortages, employers are seeking ways to attract and retain employees with cost effective, valuable health care benefits. At the same time, employees are also seeking health care benefits that are affordable and simple to use.

Although High Deductible Health Plans have gained momentum as low-cost benefit options, they may not be a good fit for all employees. Some employees may not seek routine care until deductibles are met. With Aetna Value Plans, employees can access preventive care and generic prescriptions with a copay cost share before meeting the deductible. By providing first dollar coverage through copays, Aetna Value Plans serve as an alternative to High Deductible Health Plans.

“In today’s market it is important for plan sponsors to offer benefit choice and value for not only their talent acquisition strategy, but also to hit their bottom-line” says Christina Rassi, Market Head of Sales of the South Central territory at Aetna, a CVS Health company. “Mental well-being is top of mind for our plan sponsors and their employees. We want members to access the care they need when they need it.” Aetna Value Plans offer the affordability and access to routine care, including outpatient behavior health.

Alternatives to High Deductible Health Plans may be worth another look in our current economy. Benefit managers would be well served to shop health plans with added ‘value’ to ensure employees have access to affordable and straightforward health care benefits. Customers seeking lower premium options while retaining member affordability will be interested in seeing options that support their business objectives – simple, valuable, and affordable care for every kind of employee.

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