Participating companies

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There will be multiple Zoom breakout rooms, each hosted by a company that is actively recruiting in today's economy.

  • There will be a series of 15 minute sessions, with two to three minutes in between in order to allow attendees to select a different room.
  • In each 15 minute session, employers will share what positions are available and answer any questions.
  • Join the company breakout room of your choosing - Please limit capacity to 20 people per room. If a room is at capacity, please select another to join.
  • For extra credit, edit your name in Zoom to include the type of position you're interested in.
  • Depending on pre-registration, we will hold four to five 15 minute sessions.
  • Registration is required to attend
  • In order to participate, attendees must log in with their own Zoom account and update to version 5.3 or higher