Opportunity Austin 3.0

The Greater Austin Chamber unveiled the next 5 year phase of its Opportunity Austin strategy, 2014-2018. Business and community leaders joined the Chamber and its regional partners as it announced the new program of work and the funding campaign to support it on December 12, 2012.

Opportunity Austin 3.0 focused on initiatives for the Economy, Talent, and Place. Top priorities included boosting economic diversification to proactively strengthen the economy, deepening the talent pool through development and attraction, and keeping the Greater Austin region attractive to entrepreneurs, business leaders and site selectors through expanded advocacy on issues such as a comprehensive regional transportation system and regional collaboration.

Opportunity Austin 3.0 targeted over eight key industries for future economic development, including: advanced manufacturing, creative and digital media technology, clean energy and power technology, life sciences, data management, space technology, and corporate headquarters and regional offices.

The goal of Opportunity Austin 3.0 was to work toward measurable and impactful goals through a set of metrics which include Total Private Employment, Average Annual Wages, Per Capita Income, Poverty Rate, Child Poverty Rate, Educational Attainment (BA or higher), Commuters Who Drive Alone, and Congestion Index.