Education Initiatives

What is Austin's Return on Education?

A Central Texas workforce with one of the most educated talent pools in the country

The vision for the Central Texas workforce is the result of business and education leaders working together to support the future economic success of the region. And that vision is now a reality thanks in part to a regional initiative, encompassing 15 school districts and 10 higher education institutions, designed to ensure that employers have the talent they need to power their company's growth.

The 20,010 by 2010, a Chamber-led education initiative to boost college enrollment by 30 percent between 2005 and 2010, achieved its goal thanks to the hard work of ground-level school district college enrollment managers and other key educators, as well as business leaders.

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The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Programs provides incentives for film, animation, television, video games, and post-production. Qualifying projects can receive cash grants up to 22.5% of eligible Texas expenditures.