K12 Metro Austin Education Progress Reports

According to our most recent regional economic report, Austin ranked number one in job growth among the top 50 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Additionally, the Austin metro had the lowest unemployment rate. However, of unemployed residents aged 25 to 64, nearly 40% had earned a high school diploma or less. Our region's economy is booming with high-paying and satisfying careers – there just aren't enough qualified people to fill them. Despite seeing graduation rates hitting all-time highs, the rate at which students are enrolling directly into college is stagnate.

The Austin Chamber wants to work together with our local school districts on solutions for these issues. School districts are doing more with less and we will continue to support their efforts to ensure that our children are graduating college-and career-ready. Ultimately, we are working towards ensuring that our community is able to sustain our economic growth and that employers will be able to put as many graduates here locally as possible. This is how our community can increase their chances of being successful and a high quality of life.

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The Census Bureau reports that 40.5% of Austin area residents age 25 and over hold a bachelor’s degree, well over the national average of 29.1% in 2012.