Chamber Announces 70% College Enrollment Goal for Class of 2015

Tony Befi, Chamber 2011 volunteer Chair for Education/Talent Development, and IBM’s Senior Texas Executive announced a new, higher target for regional direct college enrollment at the State of Education event on November 9…70% for the Class of 2015.

Direct from high school to college enrollment rates improved from 52% to 62.1% between 2004 and 2009.  Building upon success, “Despite a challenging economy, school districts need to prioritize improvement in direct college enrollment and college readiness,” said Befi.  The types of high-wage jobs Austin has attracted in 2010: Facebook, Legal Zoom, Hanger Orthopedic, Samsung, all require post-secondary attainment.

To accomplish this higher target,

  1. Chamber will invest $4 million over next 36 months in key areas
  2. Superintendents/Trustees need to set aligned out-year targets
  3. Build out web 3.0 planning tools
  4. Use incentive pay to accelerate progress
  5. Improve performance of existing college enrollment strategies
  6. Chamber/ISDs should focus on summer after high school graduation

“When we are successful, 20,000 more young people will be equipped with the skills to access the high-performance Austin workplace,” said Drew Scheberle, Sr. Vice President at the Chamber.  “As with yesterday’s announcement with SunPower, companies are attracted to talent and the Austin quality of life.”

For more information, contact Gilbert Zavala at

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