TEA to asterisk school ratings*

Houston Chronicle reporter Erika Mellon writes that the Texas Education Agency will “clearly note” which Texas schools and districts met state accountability standards and which were deemed unacceptable, acceptable, recognized or exemplary due to various loopholes in the state accountability system:

The TEA will continue to post the detailed data charts online this year, but it will add a simplified page showing whether a school benefited from the projection measure or the other two looser rules, according to the agency.

*Schools and districts that achieved higher ratings through one or more of those loopholes won’t have to asterisk their ratings announcements, but a TEA spokesperson recommends that “it’s something they should be honest about.”

In the same story, Mellon reports that State Rep. Rob Eissler, the chairman of the House Public Education Committee, said he expects the Legislature to evaluate the projection measure next year and to consider the possibility of a two-prong system that separates absolute student achievement from improvement.

Separating achievement from improvement (which the Texas Projection measure doesn’t actually measure anyway) is a good idea. Making the state school accountability system even more multi-pronged? Potentially painful.

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