UMeTime Changes the way Merchants connect with Customers

An Austin startup technology company, UMeTime, is changing the way businesses are connecting with new customers.  They have built a platform that gives local business the ability to control and offer deals at their convenience.  Whether you are a business that needs to speed up your slow hours, fill your empty chairs & tables, or sell sitting inventory, UMeTime offers merchants the capability to overcome these barriers and drive sales and revenue.  Even more excitingly, merchants only pay once customers are delivered to their business.

By using GPS technology, UMeTime’s free mobile application also helps consumers find the best deals in their relative area.  Consumers will no longer have to guess which bars, restaurants, or stores have the best deal at any particular time.  UMeTime has officially launched its mobile application and is available now on iTunes or Google Play.  Also, keep an eye out for great deals being delivered through UMeTime for SXSW.

For more information on UMeTime please contact:

Timothy Rothwell:
Brett Berman:


-Emanuel Ibarra

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