Enjoy the economic prosperity of Central Texas!

Austin defies stereotypes: It's progressive and fiercely entrepreneurial, pro-business and pro-environment. It's easy going and hard working. And the greater Austin region won't just welcome your business, it will make it better.

When it comes to business, it seems the whole world has a place in the heart of Central Texas. Greater Austin is a region defined by stunning growth, lower business and living costs, and a youthful, well-educated workforce. It's easy to see why the 2010 Kiplinger's ranked Austin as the number one city for business growth in the next decade.

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SXSW has been transformational for Austin's economy; affording us a global reputation as a creative and innovative hub. Because of SXSW, our community has received hundreds of millions of dollars that have literally benefited all aspects of our community; from locally owned small businesses to millions of dollars in taxes collected by our local government to provide services to citizens.
Mike Rollins, President, Austin Chamber